“Gruffalo” and “Superworm” author Julia Donaldson says children’s literature deserves more respect

Author Julia Donaldson has told Sky News that children’s literature isn’t given the respect it deserves, reports Sky.

The writer, best known as the creator of the Gruffalo, according to the report, said she is frustrated by how little thought the media gives to highlighting the literary choices available to parents.

Donaldson, whose 2012 book Superworm has been adapted into a TV animation which airs on Christmas Day, said: “I don’t think it’s given the respect it deserves at all.

“People are always talking about how they want children not to use gadgets so much, they want children to be more literate, and yet when you look at reviews of children’s books – which probably account for at least a third of the market of all books – in some newspaper supplements, you’re lucky if you get one column.”

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