Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade’s Daughter Inspires Another Children’s Book “Shady Baby”

Hollywood stars Gabrielle Union-Wade and husband Dwyane Wade have once again collaborated to release a photo book titled “Shady Baby“, inspired by their daughter Kaavia James Union-Wade.

The photo book which is illustrated by Tara Nicole Whitaker revels “a powerful, funny and super-cute black girl character who always keeps it real.” Intended to give the word ‘shady’ a “positive association”, the book tells the story of a black baby girl who stands her ground against some bullies as other little babies cheer her on. The photo book is set to be published on May 18 by HarperCollins Publishers.

Gabrielle and Dwyane in an exclusive joint statement said, “This is our first children’s book we did together and we’re so excited for the world to read “Shady Baby”. Inspired by our daughter, Kaavia James, we wanted to create a children’s book that not only had a little Black girl as the main character but that also reflects the global community we live in. We hope to give the word ‘shady’ a more positive association and use it to represent one’s moral compass to do the right thing and stand up for themselves and others. It’s important that little Black girls and boys get to see themselves in these fairy tales and for children of other races to see us in leadership roles.”

Editor Luana Horry also stated, “Shady Baby” is not only a book that children will enjoy, but it is the book the world needs right now. Shady Baby is adorable, she makes us laugh, and has important things to say!”

Gabrielle, Dwyane and the world, in general, have always been fascinated by Kaavia since her birth via surrogate in November 2018. Kaavia’s photos have gone viral several times for her witty facial expressions. The actress first teamed up with New York & Company in May 2019 to release a clothing line for babies withing the ages of 0-24 months. Inspired by Kaavia’s birth, she also published a kids’ book tagged “Welcome to the Party“.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Gabrielle wrote, “@kaaviajames has an opinion… and soon she will share it with the world. @dwyanewade and I are so excited to announce “Shady Baby,” our picture book which teaches kids to use their moral compass and inner strength to choose kindness and compassion and to stick up for themselves and others.”

The announcement was also made via Kaavia’s official Instagram with the caption, “You already know. You can’t be surprised… It was finally time to put my wisdom and realness into a book. Since I’m already busy teaching @gabunion & @dwyanewade 24/7 – why not the world too. Your girl has been busy. Link in bio to preorder. #shadybaby”

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