Full list of 42 movies to drop on Netflix before end of 2021

Netflix has slated a whopping 42 films for release in its line up of original films and documentaries coming to the streaming service before the end of the year.

According to TrustedReviews, the streaming service’s stacked line-up will see around 10 new films drop every month between now and New Year’s Day. The star-stubbed release schedule will see movies staring Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Box-office champs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Keaton, Melissa McCarthy, and Idris Elba are also among the stars to appear in new Netflix films before 2021 is out.

The headline movie looks like it’ll be Adam McKay’s satirical Don’t Look Up, which boasts Messrs Leo, Meryl and J-Law alongside Timothee Chalamet and Jonah Hill. The movie, centred on astronauts attempting to convince people the world as about to be destroyed by a meteor. That’ll hit Netflix on Christmas Eve.

Here’s the full release schedule for September through December (via Deadline):


2/9: Afterlife Of the Party

3/9: Worth

9/9: Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

10/9: Kate

15/9: Nightbooks

15/9: Schumacher

22/9: Intrusion

24/9: The Starling

24/9: My Little Pony: A New Generation

29/9: Sounds Like Love

29/9: No One Gets Out Alive


1/10: The Guilty

1/10: Diana: The Musical

6/10: There’s Someone Inside Your House

20/10: Found

20/10: Night Teeth

20/10: Stuck Together

29/10: Army of Thieves

TBC: Hypnotic

TBC: Fever Dream


3/11: The Harder They Fall

5/11: Love Hard

5/11: A Cop Movie

10/11: Passing

12/11: Red Notice

19/11: Tick, Tick BOOM!

24/11: Bruised

24/11: Robin Robin

29/11: 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

TBC: 7 Prisoners

TBC: A Boy Called Christmas

TBC: A Castle For Christmas

TBC: The Princess Shift 3


1/12: The Power Of The Dog

3/12: Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

10/12: The Unforgivable

15/15: The Hand of God

24/14: Don’t Look Up

31/12: The Lost Daughter

TBC: Back To The Outback

TBC: Mixtape

TBC: Single All The Way

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