Feel the emotions of love and denial with Ajebo Hustlers’ “No Wam”

Ajebo Hustlers, the incredible Afro-urban duo representing Port Harcourt, Nigeria, are back with a musical treat. Their latest creation, “No Wam,” takes us on an emotional ride through the complex terrain of love, infidelity, denial, and all the feelings that come with it.

“No Wam” by Ajebo Hustlers is like taking a journey through the web of modern relationships. The song details the emotional rollercoaster with lyrics like “Who you dey think say you Dey fool?” Knowledge and Piego artfully express the pain of betrayal, even though they playfully deny it with lines such as “If na lie wey you sef sabi lie/Me I dey lie and I over sabi die/And when you catch me I go still dey deny.”

Their unique storytelling and the use of lamba make “No Wam” relatable to anyone who’s ever experienced the complexities of love.

Ajebo Hustlers, consisting of the wordsmith, George Dandeson, better known as Knowledge, and Isiah Precious, the vocalist fondly referred to as Piego. Born from the vivacious music scene of the Garden City, this dynamic duo has garnered the adoration of music lovers. Experience the highs and lows of love as you hit play on “No Wam”

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