Yeahollie’s musical evolution shines in “Kno’ Me”

Yeahollie, the budding artist, presents his newest single, “Kno’ Me,” shedding light on the dynamics of contemporary romance facilitated by social media.

The song starts off with the opening verse “Make nobody come come come dey whine me / Seen this little ting straight from the IG. Yunno she my type, shawty lookin icy” Laying bare his initial attraction to a woman he discovers on social media, underlining the allure of physical beauty. However, “Kno’ Me” quickly reveals a longing for a connection that transcends the surface.

The chorus, “Say she wan really know me, Chale, she wan really know me,” is like a gentle whisper, reminding us of our deep-rooted longing for authentic connections in a world that often focuses on the surface

In a harmonious collaboration with GhostWriterMel, She merges with yeahollie’s distinct style, all thanks to the collaborative production work of yeahollie, WavSkinny, and Sochee. Together, they conjure a distinctive and captivating musical journey.

With music ingrained in his family’s DNA, “Kno Me” solidifies Yeahollie’s status as a rising star to be reckoned with.

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