Unlocking Nollywood’s Potential: Guilds under the spotlight at filmmakers’ forum

Nigeria’s bustling film industry is abuzz with anticipation as the upcoming Filmmakers’ Forum promises to tackle a burning question that has long lingered in the minds of practitioners: “Of what use are the guilds to me?” Scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2023, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, this event aims to shed light on the often-debated role of industry guilds.

Interested participants can register here

In recent years, industry guilds such as the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), and Screenwriters Guild of Nigeria (SWGN) have faced scepticism and criticism. Some filmmakers have chosen to stay unaffiliated, accusing guilds of hindering rather than promoting their development. Allegations of guilds serving as platforms for personal connections rather than member welfare have also circulated.

Despite these concerns, the guilds themselves maintain that they are vital in advancing Nollywood’s growth and development. They assert their commitment to advocating for members’ rights, collaborating with stakeholders to address industry needs, upholding professional standards, and enhancing the industry’s reputation.

The upcoming Filmmakers’ Forum will provide a platform for dialogue, featuring leaders from various guilds. This discussion aims to explore the tangible impact guilds can have on strengthening Nigeria’s film industry, settling the debate once and for all. Practitioners and industry enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in this crucial conversation by registering for the event.

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