AC/DC makes spectacular return to the stage after 7-year hiatus

Legendary hard rock band AC/DC made a triumphant return to the stage Sunday night, marking their first live performance in over seven years. The electrifying event took place at Power Trip at Empire Polo Field in Indio, California, and it was nothing short of a rock ‘n’ roll spectacle.

The show was a testament to AC/DC’s enduring power and the indomitable spirit of lead singer Brian Johnson, who had to step away from performing in 2016 due to hearing loss. Johnson, now 76, kicked off the night with “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It),” proving that his vocal prowess was as formidable as ever. Hits like “Back in Black,” “Thunderstruck,” and “Highway to Hell” sent the multi-generational crowd into a frenzy.

Guitarist Angus Young, at 68 years old, showed no signs of slowing down, delivering his iconic guitar riffs while captivating the audience with his trademark schoolboy persona. The performance featured a mix of classics and live debuts from their 2020 album POWER UP, including “Demon Fire” and “Shot in the Dark.”

But it wasn’t just about the music; it was an all-encompassing experience. The crowd enthusiastically waved $20 AC/DC devil horns flashlights, creating an incredible atmosphere between songs.

The concert reached its climax with “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You),” complete with cannon fire and a breathtaking fireworks display that left everyone in awe.

AC/DC wasn’t the only act defying the passage of time at Power Trip. Judas Priest, with 72-year-old lead singer Rob Halford, showcased their enduring heavy metal prowess with hits like “Electric Eye,” “Heading Out to the Highway,” and “Painkiller.” Halford’s on-stage energy was as electrifying as ever, and the band proved they could fill the shoes of the original headliner, Ozzy Osbourne.

A special surprise came when original Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton, battling Parkinson’s Disease, joined the band for a rendition of “Metal Gods,” adding a poignant moment to the night’s festivities.

As Power Trip continued with performances from Tool and Metallica, the return of AC/DC and the timeless power of Judas Priest served as a reminder that rock ‘n’ roll knows no age and will forever remain a force to be reckoned with.

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