Olivia Rodrigo unleashes audacious musical evolution in “Guts”

Olivia Rodrigo has unveiled her highly-anticipated second album, Guts, which showcases her evolution as an artiste. 

The album features two standout tracks, “Vampire” and “Bad Idea Right?,” both of which have already achieved significant success on the charts.

“Vampire,” released in June, quickly claimed the top spot on both the Billboard 100 and Spotify charts. Meanwhile, “Bad Idea Right?,” released in August, has already secured a spot in the Top 10 on the Billboard 100 in both the US and UK.

What sets Guts apart from Rodrigo’s debut album, Sour, is her bold departure from conventional pop music norms. In this latest work, the 20-year-old Grammy Award-winning artiste delves into more experimental territory, incorporating synthesisers, electric guitars, and sampling. This daring approach infuses the entire LP with a pop-rock flavour, marking a departure from her previous pure pop sound.

To celebrate the album’s release, Rodrigo has shared a live performance video of the opening track, “All-American B****.” The album consists of 12 tracks, including “Lacy,” “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” “Get Him Back!,” and “Teenage Dream,” among others. 

Additionally, a Deluxe edition of Guts offers four bonus tracks for fans to enjoy.

Produced in collaboration with Daniel Nigro and recorded partly at the renowned Electric Lady Studios in New York City, Guts represents a significant leap forward in Rodrigo’s songwriting and sound. Critics have praised “Bad Idea Right?” as one of the best pop performances of the year, further cementing Rodrigo’s place in the music industry.

Fans can look forward to Rodrigo’s upcoming performance at the MTV VMAs 2023, airing on September 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

The vinyl version of Guts is exclusively available in four vibrant colours through Rodrigo’s online store, offering fans a piece of her vibrant musical journey.

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