Nadia Mukami drops electrifying new single ‘DJ’

Nadia Mukami, known for her vibrant presence in the East African music scene, has released her highly anticipated new single, “DJ.” This latest track is set to be the anthem of the summer, bringing an irresistible energy to dance floors everywhere.

“DJ” is a celebration of payday festivities, capturing the sheer joy of letting loose after a hard day’s work. The song kicks off with the Kenyan music superstar proclaiming it’s payday and she’s ready to splurge – with Hennessy, Bellaire and a seemingly endless supply of drinks in tow.

The infectious chorus delivers a powerful demand to the DJ: “Hatutaki story tunataka ngoma,” which translates to “We don’t want stories, we want music.”

This track is a testament to the dynamic and captivating sound of East African pop music, blending Swahili lyrics with a fast-paced, energetic beat. Nadia’s new single promises to be a hit with its repetitive, catchy chorus that lingers long after the music stops.

“DJ” showcases Nadia Mukami’s ability to create music that resonates with listeners and keeps them dancing. It’s a testament to her prowess as an artist and her knack for creating unforgettable party anthems.

Catch the infectious rhythm and high-energy vibes of “DJ” by streaming it here.

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