Exploring Desires and Societal Pressures: “Anatomy of a Woman” takes centre stage at Terra Kulture

The much-anticipated theatrical production, Anatomy of a Woman, has been captivating audiences at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island. 

Running from August 5th to August 27th, the play delves into the intricate desires and societal pressures faced by a young woman named Bolatito.

Written by the acclaimed playwright Wole Oguntokun and skillfully directed by Austine Onuoha, Anatomy of a Woman is a thought-provoking exploration of choices, identity and validation.

Bolatito’s journey unfolds as she grapples with her desire to define her own path in life. Amidst a myriad of suitors, each pursuing their own mission, Bolatito finds herself at a crossroads. The societal weight of validation through marriage bears down on her, making her question, “What does a woman truly want?”

The play boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Goodness Emmanuel, Uche Chika Elumelu, Korede ‘Korex’ Ajayi and Odiah Emmanuel. Their performances bring the characters’ complexities to life, offering audiences a chance to reflect on the intricacies of human relationships.

The venue, Terra Kulture Lawn, located at Tiamiyu Savage Street, hosts two shows on select dates throughout August. The first show starts at 5:30 pm, followed by the second show at 7:30 pm, ensuring ample opportunities for attendees to experience this engaging narrative.

Tickets for Anatomy of a Woman are available for purchase, with regular admission priced at N7,000 and VIP tickets at N12,000. Those interested in attending or reserving a table, can obtain tickets online or on Terra Kulture’s premises.

Anatomy of a Woman promises not only entertainment but also a deep exploration of the universal search for identity, love and self-discovery in a world filled with choices and expectations.

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