Electro-soul act, Ibejii, tackles societal ills with new EP – “Intermission”

Exploring the notoriety of some law enforcement officers, their unchecked impunity and flagrant violation of the rights of Nigerians, Ibejii takes the world on a journey in his newly released EP, ‘Intermission’.

The six-track project is a collection of songs with themes relating to the problems of Nigerian youth who have openly expressed their dissatisfaction through protests in the last 18 months after being subjected to police intimidation, harassment, and torture. 

They have since developed a peaceful, organic, decentralized, nonpartisan mass action across ethnic and religious lines on social media and through street protests.

Gonto, one of the songs on the project, is an afro-orchestral anthem that takes the listener on a journey that captures the casual insensitivity of the powerful and the daring of a new generation of believers whose defeat of fear make confrontation inevitable. The track is Ibejii’s celebration of the ultimate victory of ordinary people over those who seeks to oppress and silence them. 

He further described it as a tale of the victory of small masquerades in the face of a selfish big masquerade that will not let other voices rise.

Ibejii said the EP is his record of what he hopes would be a rare blip in the march of human advancement, a brief pause in transmission. “Intermission is a six-track electro-soul EP that explores the emotional rollercoaster imposed by a global health pandemic, a global movement for racial justice, a campaign to end police brutality that ended in a crushing emotional event, and the daily challenge of keeping it together in aloneness, social isolation, and physical lockdown,” he concluded.

The EP is spiced with other tuneful electro-soul tracks, including Running, Dae Soleil, Pandaminion, EndPunity and Happy Me.

Stream, download and enjoy Intermission by following this link: https://ibejii.hearnow.com/intermission

For more information about Ibejii, checkout his bio at www.ibejii.com. 

Follow Ibejii @Ibejiimusic on social media.  


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