Ed Sheeran breaks the mould with indie release of “Autumn Variations”

Ed Sheeran’s musical journey takes a unique turn with his latest album, Autumn Variations. Breaking away from his traditional approach, the global superstar has embraced indie music and independence by releasing the album through his label, Gingerbread Man Records.

In a recent interview on CBS Mornings, Sheeran revealed his departure from the conventional promotional tactics of the music industry. Unlike previous releases, Autumn Variations lacks a lead single or music videos. Sheeran stated, “I’m just putting it out.” This shift in strategy is liberating for the artiste, removing the pressure to conform to industry expectations.

Sheeran’s decision to go independent stems from his desire for creative freedom. He expressed, “I’ve had 12, 13 years of being a pop star, and having the pressure of it has to sell this week one, you have to have this hit single, you have to have this. And part of me goes, ‘Why?'” This newfound independence allows him to break free from the relentless pursuit of chart-topping hits and prioritise artistic expression.

Autumn Variations was announced just 10 days after reports of Sheeran’s completed album surfaced. In a press release, the artiste shared the emotional journey that inspired the album’s creation, touching on themes of love, friendship, heartbreak, depression, loneliness and self-discovery. By embracing indie music and letting go of traditional promotional norms, Ed Sheeran’s Autumn Variations promises to be a refreshing departure from his previous works, offering listeners a more intimate and unfiltered glimpse into his artistry.

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