Dr Flourish Peters and Noble G unveil debut single “I Have Life” in spiritual triumph

Spiritual leader and musician Dr Flourish Peters and award-winning music minister Noble G are gearing up to release their debut single, “I Have Life” in a harmonious collaboration that transcends the boundaries of music.

 This spiritually charged track promises to offer a fresh perspective on timeless truths and celebrate the profound impact of the Gospel.

“I Have Life” is no ordinary song; it’s a captivating record that was born during a live prayer session, capturing the very essence of soulful praise. This track goes beyond mere musical notes; it embodies a profound spiritual transformation, beckoning listeners to forge a deeper connection with their faith.

The song serves as a powerful reminder that, regardless of the challenges life may throw our way, faith in Christ grants us the gift of life. It’s a celebration of the enduring impact of the Gospel, wrapped in soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

“I Have Life” marks the first release from Dr. Flourish Peters & The LOGIC Sound’s highly anticipated album. With their extraordinary talents and unwavering faith on full display, this dynamic duo is set to leave a lasting impression on the world of music and spirituality.

Listeners can experience the spiritual journey of “I Have Life” by HERE. For updates and insights from Dr. Flourish Peters connect on Instagram and X (TWITTER).

Prepare to embark on a musical and spiritual odyssey as “I Have Life” takes you on a heartfelt journey of faith, love, and the enduring power of the Gospel.

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