‘Ebelebe’: Kcee’s catchy collaboration with Skibii and Teni sends fans into frenzy

Kcee has once again proven his prowess with the release of his latest single, “Ebelebe.” The track, which features the dynamic duo Skibii and Teni, said a statement, has set the industry ablaze with its infectious beats and catchy lyrics.

Kcee returned to the spotlight in 2023 with his groundbreaking hit “Ojapiano” in which he blended Amapiano with other genres to create a unique and fresh sound. With “Ebelebe,” Kcee continues to push boundaries, seamlessly blending Amapiano with other genres to create a sound that is both unique and irresistible. Produced by the mastermind Jaysynths, the song sets the perfect rhythm for fans to groove, while Kcee’s confident delivery and charismatic presence shine through in every line.

The lyrics of “Ebelebe” resonate with audiences, reflecting themes of celebration and living in the moment. Lines like “Many man promise, no miss call, why, cos man no call” showcase Kcee’s ability to connect with listeners on a personal level, while also keeping the party vibes alive.

As fans eagerly await the official music video for “Ebelebe,” which promises to be a visual spectacle, the song continues to dominate the airwaves and dance floors alike. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, “Ebelebe” is poised to become the anthem of the year, solidifying Kcee’s status as one of the industry’s true icons.

For those hitting the club or seeking a tune to elevate their mood, they should ensure to crank up the volume and allow the infectious sounds of “Ebelebe” to guide them on a musical journey unlike any other.

Listen/stream “Ebelebe” here and connect with Kcee on Instagram and X.


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