Kaptain returns with soul-stirring tracks: ‘Addicted’ and ‘Arise’

Kaptain has made a triumphant comeback, unveiling two captivating singles – “Addicted” and “Arise.”

In “Addicted,” according to a statement, Kaptain, renowned for his distinct voice and inspirational verses, delves into the intricacies of balancing financial pursuits with romantic endeavours. The track poignantly addresses the challenges of prioritising monetary gains over nurturing intimate relationships, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of modern love.

On the flip side, “Arise” emerges as an anthem of triumph, expressing gratitude to a higher power while acknowledging the arduous journey toward success. With its uplifting chorus and themes of resilience, the song resonates deeply with audiences, echoing sentiments of gratitude and abundance.

Both tracks serve as a testament to Kaptain’s artistic versatility and profound lyricism, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his evolving musical narrative.

For enthusiasts eager to experience the essence of Kaptain’s latest creations, “Addicted” and “Arise” are now available for streaming on various platforms.

Listen/Stream “Addicted” and “Arise” here and follow Kaptain’s musical odyssey online on Instagram and X.

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