C’mon guys, it’s April Fools day!

This should go down as the saddest April Fools day in history.

And trust me, I have seen quite a lot of amazing April Fools day.

There is none of the usual bland new month messaging that clog our WhatsApp, no calls to try and roll out an April Fools scam and worst of all, no brand willing to reel out any PR giveaway or discount on April Fools Day because they are not sure if covid would approve.(noticed how I stripped it off its power by starting its name in lowercase ‘c’?)

The damned virus is slowly drowning our spirit and that should be the last frontier it should conquer.

So guys, we know it doesn’t look like there’s cause to be happy and all, but we should make an attempt to find joy in the littlest things; like a brand new and another April Fools Day.

So Happy New Month to everyone who’s still fighting.

We will overcome.

Trust me, we will.

If that wasn’t the case, the world would have ended in 1918.

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