“Citation’s” Moremi Oluwa and the legendary Moremi Ajasoro – Halima Adisa

When affliction hits us, we should sit back, trace the trajectory and fight it off. Ones courage and bravery are key to overcoming affliction.

The movie, Citation, which was released on Netflix on 5th November, 2020 trended at Number  1 in Nigeria and resonated with audiences. Everybody seems to have a story to tell from every single scene.

The movie is a dramatization of “No To Sex For Grades” – a satirical one to right the wrong. In her role as fighter for justice, Moremi’s character is relatable to the legendary Moremi Ajasoro from whom she gets her name.

Moremi, wife of Oranmiyan, was the legendary Yoruba Queen who assisted in the liberation of the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the ravaging attacks from the Ugbo kingdom. Moremi, a brave woman who in order to end the affliction of her people, promised the river spirit a great deal and was in turn given insight to the strength of her nation’s enemy.

After being enslaved by the Ugbo army, Moremi married the Ugbo king on account of her beauty. After familiarizing herself with the affairs of the Ugbo people, Moremi escaped to Ile-Ife and snitched on them. The people of Ife were thus able to subsequently defeat their enemy in battle. All thanks to Aya Oranmiyan.

One can find parallels from this incident to that of Moremi Oluwa: she brought liberation to school as a case study. By winning the case, she amplified the voices of those who couldn’t speak up.

In order to bring down the Ugbo warriors, Moremi Ajasoro had to go as far as marrying the Ugbo ruler and thus obtaining information on how to deal with the war at hand. Although, Moremi Oluwa is fighting a war for herself against the assault of Prof. Lucien in Citation, she goes digging deep into his past. Bringing in Mr. Cardosa as a witness was a master stroke. And that solved everything:

Moremi Oluwa is a pathfinder for all those whose voices are not being heard. By fighting and persevering she gets the merit, honour and integrity she deserves just like Moremi Ajasoro

Final note: Shooting the movie in Ile-Ife helps underline the tribute to the great Moremi of Ife.

Halimah Adisa is a content writer and more.

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