Chudor House Productions options film and television rights to 2 Narrative Landscape Press books

Chudor House Productions has optioned Impostor Alert by Uduak Akpabio Umoren and Truth is a Flightless Bird by Akbar Hussain, novels published by Narrative Landscape Press. In the deal facilitated by its agency subsidiary, Narrative Landscape Literary Agency, the film and television rights to books were optioned by the UK-based production company.

According to The Narrative Landscape Press’ newsletter of 1 July 2021, published on Medium, “Two Narrative Landscape Novels Optioned by Chudor House Productions

“In a deal facilitated by our agency subsidiary, Narrative Landscape Literary Agency, we are pleased to announce that Chudor House Productions has optioned the film and television rights to two of our books. The first is Impostor Alert! by Uduak Akpabio Umoren and was published in 2018. The second book is a forthcoming noir thriller, Truth is a Flightless Bird, by Akbar Hussain, which we shall release to the reading public in October of 2021. Both books represent the best of their respective genres with intricately plotted stories in settings as diverse as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Mogadishu, and Nairobi.


“Chudor House is a UK-based independent production company founded by the sibling trio of Odiri, NneNne, & Chukwudi Iwuji. The founders have a range of experience in the entertainment business, having worked in all parts of the industry from production to directing and performing. We are excited to work with them to bring these stories to big or small screens near you.

“In Impostor Alert!, two women meet on a bus heading for Lagos—one to continue her poor-paying job as a prostitute, and the other to visit a long-distance boyfriend. In the ensuing road accident, one woman will die and the other will impersonate her following a case of mistaken identity. In the Nairobi of Truth is Flightless Bird, two halves of the city—one clean and aseptic, the other a slum—fight for superiority. Our protagonist, an evangelical import from Canada, must navigate this silent conflict to save the life of his old flame. Along the way, he meets the most memorable of characters.

“Chudor House’s Odiri Iwuji says, ‘When my business partner Enyi Omeruah found these novels, I knew I couldn’t pass either of them up. We’re both very excited to option these two brilliant African stories from Nigeria and Kenya.  Eghosa and Anwuli have a sharp eye for talented authors, so I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Narrative Landscape.’

“Narrative Landscape Literary Agency is a subsidiary of Narrative Landscape Press. The agency hopes to bridge the gap between creators in Nigeria and publishing and content opportunities around the world. Enquiries about our agency services can be sent to”

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