Cannes screens powerful tribute to Hong Kong democracy protests

Cannes Film Festival has given a world premiere to Kiwi Chow’s Revolution of Our Times, a defiant chronicle of Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests, taking a diplomatic gamble on a sensitive topic that could provoke China’s ire.

After 10 days of blazing sunshine, the rain descended on the Cannes Film Festival on Friday – a tribute, no doubt, to the defiant protesters who fashioned a global symbol of freedom out of an unlikely item: the umbrella, reports France24.

The humble brolly has been an emblem of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests since 2014, first as a means of expression and then as a shield against police cameras, pepper spray, gas canisters and rubber bullets.

But even the sturdiest umbrella cannot protect the protagonists of Kiwi Chow’s shocking documentary Revolution of Our Times, which chronicles the massive street protests that gripped Hong Kong in 2019 and their brutal suppression by police.

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