Britney Spears teases new music

Britney Spears has teased new music while calling herself her “own cheerleader” Music News reports.

The 40-year-old pop star, according to the platform, posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday in which she shows off her vocal range, and in the caption, she reflected on her strained relationship with her family.

“I just realised this today guys … after what my family tried to do to me three years ago … I needed to be my own cheerleader !!!! God knows they weren’t …so I just read up on myself and this is what I found,” she wrote.

The “Gimme More” hitmaker reportedly shared an extensive bio of her achievements and a list of her record sales. The statistics, which she cited from Nielsen, note that she is the “18th-best selling album artist in the Nielsen era”.

Continuing her post, she wrote, “No … I’m not auditioning for anything!!!! I’m reminding myself and the world of who I am!!!! Yes … I will be my own cheerleader … why???? I’m here to remind my white ‘classy’ family that I haven’t forgotten what they did to me nor will I ever forget!!!!?”

Britney concluded the caption by teasing that she has a “new song in the works” and that she will let fans “know what I mean” soon.

The caption has since been deleted from her Instagram page but the video remains.

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