Ajebo Hustlers drop new track ‘Dreams II’ featuring Blaqbonez and Zlatan

Ajebo Hustlers, Nigeria’s dynamic music duo, has once again captured the hearts of fans with their latest release, “Dreams II” featuring Blaqbonez and Zlatan. Known for their infectious blend of Afro-pop melodies and Hip Hop storytelling, the duo comprising rapper Knowledge and singer Piego is gearing up for their upcoming album, “Bad Boy Etiquette 102.”

The duo’s journey began as work colleagues who shared a deep love for music. While they initially recorded as separate entities, a 2015 remix of the fan favourite “Bole and Fish” marked their official union as the Ajebo Hustlers. The name itself reflects their middle-class backgrounds and unwavering determination to grind relentlessly.

Now, they unveil their second release of the year titled “Dreams II” ft. Blaqbonez and Zlatan. This track serves as a prelude to their upcoming album, “Bad Boy Etiquette 102”.

“Dreams II” takes listeners on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The duo introspectively poses questions to themselves and their audience. Piego, in particular, sets the stage with his soulful vocals, expressing his aspirations and unwavering commitment to achieving his goals:
“A wise man once asked me, how bad do you want it?/So I got right back up when I was falling/You see dis music I dey sing/It is my only calling.”

Throughout the song, there’s an unmistakable sense of urgency and focus. Each artist places their dreams above all distractions, including matters of the heart. The lyrics emphasize resilience and growth:
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger/My eyes don drop plenty water.”

Their desire to leave a lasting impact and ensure that their efforts yield results shines through. The theme of perseverance resonates powerfully: “I got right back up when I was falling.”

Listeners can experience the motivation and passion embedded in “Dreams II” by streaming the track on various platforms here

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