ABBA reunites for royal honours in Sweden

Fans of the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA were treated to an unexpected reunion as all four members—Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog, and Benny Andersson—gathered at the royal palace in Stockholm, per The occasion? A prestigious knighthood, marking their extraordinary contributions to music both in Sweden and internationally.

The quartet received the Royal Order of Vasa, being named Commanders of the First Class. This honour, revived after a 50-year hiatus, acknowledges “very outstanding efforts in Swedish and international music life.” King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia personally bestowed the awards, celebrating ABBA among 13 distinguished recipients, including two Nobel Prize-winning physicists.

This royal acknowledgment came just days after Andersson and Ulvaeus celebrated the second anniversary of “ABBA Voyage,” the successful avatar show in London. During a Q&A session at the ABBA Arena, attended by a 3,000-strong audience, the duo remained non-committal about future plans. However, they entertained the idea of their avatars performing at Glastonbury, with Ulvaeus calling it a “brilliant idea” and Andersson humorously suggesting he might join as an extra piano player.

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding the avatar show, the prospect of a real-life ABBA reunion remains unlikely. Following their Grammy-nominated Voyage album in 2021, Andersson has been clear that no further group projects are planned. “It’s never say never, but it’s a no. Nothing is going to happen after this,” he stated in a 2022 interview with Variety.

Reflecting on their storied career, Andersson expressed awe at the enduring impact of their music. “It’s very, very hard to grasp emotionally that we wrote these little songs and it gave rise to this, and the millions of people we have touched,” he remarked. Ulvaeus echoed the sentiment, marvelling at the timeless appeal of their decades-old hits.

While rumours of a third “Mamma Mia!” film persist, with producer Judy Craymer optimistic about its eventual production, ABBA’s focus remains on savouring their legacy and the joy they’ve brought to fans worldwide.


•Featured image: The music group ABBA, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog and Benny Andersson/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images


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