Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is – A Short Story Collective By Bakwa Books

Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is

Edited by Dzekashu MacViban, Nfor E. Njinyoh
Short Stories, Translation
430 Pages, tête-bêche
ISBN: 978-1-7337526-2-6

Publication date: October, 2020, Bakwa Books

Book Description:

Introducing a new generation of young Cameroonian writers, this bilingual anthology highlights new directions in the Cameroonian short story, as the stories move from fantasy, existentialism, afrojujuism to realism.

An unusual narrator in “Spittle Royale” walks the fine line between empathy, radicalisation and primal instincts; in “Finding Jaman” a correction facility cleaner hoards objects belonging to executed inmates leading to an interesting discovery; in the eponymous title story, lovers reconnect after forty years apart, unearthing secrets that will change their lives forever.

The culmination of two workshops, one on creative writing and the other on literary translation, both followed by a mentorship period, these stories will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading them.

“The stories in this collection are as refreshing as they are novel and exciting. Issues such as disability, religion, love, domestic violence and others are pulled apart and explored with twists that pull you in and make you think about these stories long after you’ve finished reading them.”
Edwige Dro

“Astounding, powerful and, often, bitter stories, like the pages of a Holy book soaked in water, then gobbled down; sundered into mouthfuls, hard swallows that leave an aftertaste lingering on the tongue long after the meal of ink, paper, and words…”
Florian Ngimbis

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