Video Review: Mr 2kay Makes a Statement with ‘Concentrate’

Mr. 2Kay used to be a big deal.

That was months ago.

Blessed with a silky smooth voice and the required hip-hop carriage, he ruled the Nigerian airwaves for a while with jaunty lyrics and the bravado of a rock star.

A shortlived altercation with Burna boy and a rumoured romance with Ex-BBNaija housemate, Gifty, was the only viable scandal he could lay claim to.

He walked back into focus recently with the release of a new single titled ‘Concentrate’ in December 2019.

He has since followed up the wave-making single with a crisp new video, shot in Port Harcourt and directed by Kobolash.

Kobolash played safe on this visual. You never really go wrong with a one man, one vixen combo, and that is what the video of ‘Concentrate’ tried to project.

Mr. 2Kay clearly personified the role of an infatuated lover as he energetically consummated his love for his significant other in a steamy, lingerie-exposing bed scene that left little to the imagination.

A cinematic bridge scene interplayed over a series of PDA- based shots of Mr 2Kay and his lover at different locations attempted to put an end to the video’s monotony.

The 4-man group dancing scene was clearly unnecessary as was the attempt to create a comic ending.

Mr. 2 Kay leaves us in no doubt of his comeback ambition, but like many before him who have made a claim to the throne, is this enough to project him to the front lines again?

Time will tell.

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