Writer cracks the code on writer’s block

Looking to write nonstop without fear of writer’s block? Comic book tycoon Mark Millar has the answer. He said that before he begins work he makes sure he has a drink chilling at home to look forward to when he finishes at 4 pm.

Millar revealed he keeps a beer in the fridge every day to help prevent writer’s block.

Millar, 51, who sold his comic book empire Millarworld to Netflix for almost £25million in 2017, said the ritual is part of a new routine.

It includes getting out of bed early before a workout and a 90-second cold shower. It concludes with a beer as his “reward” at the end of the day.

Millar, who is president of Netflix’s Millarworld division, admits he became obsessed with routines after learning author Stephen King only worked for four hours a day.

He said: “I think all writers are like this – you try to come up with something, some cool way to work that will make you more efficient.

“You hear what other people do. I remember being blown away when I heard Stephen King only works four hours a day.

“He works every day of the year, 365 days a year, but only for four hours. I found that fascinating.

“So, I’ve tried things. Right now I’m doing a crazy one that I invented myself and a lot of my pals are actually copying this.

“It’s actually really fun. I get up early at 7am, I go to the gym and do 20 minutes of weight-lifting. I really go for it for

20 minutes.

“Then I give myself a 90-second cold shower. Just to get myself crazy, you know.

“I start writing at 8am but I sit a beer in the fridge for 4pm and that’s my reward.

“So, no matter how tired I am during the day or how much a plot is not coming together, there is a wee reward at four o’clock and it’s a beer.

“As long as you’re not 10 and following this advice, it’s working out alright and useful.”

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