Why Should I Not?- Tanure Ojaide

Why should I not take risks with Covid-19;

why not join protests against police murder of Floyd

to register my conscience against the evil of racism

despite the raging novel coronavirus?

What causes more havoc to the land and people:

the coronavirus with its tally of over a hundred thousand

or because of systemic racism the many millions that

have died in all the centuries of a nation’s independence?

What poses more danger to human existence:

the virus that can be managed and a vaccine can eliminate

or the total disregard for blacks and their lives

by those hiding behind their own skin to kill others?

Why should I not risk a season’s pandemic

to wipe out racism, the endemic epidemic;

why should I not settle the perennial problem

before the season’s bother over health and jobs?

If both the coronavirus and racism bring death,

why not allow me choose what to die for—

be a hero forever by stamping out racism, or

defying what has only 2% chance of killing me?

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