Ways of Dying – Tanure Ojaide

Where folks have been left on their own

in doldrums to wage war against legions of denials

as one government after another made fools of them,

why should governors and president choose for them

their way of dying?

The people, used to surviving against odds,

would rather roll the dice again

with the hope of beating back a weaker aggressor,

their term for a feverish infection however choking,

than locked down without cash and food

and exposed to the cruel pangs of hunger

that would inevitably drain life out of them.

The public would rather fight in their markets

than famished and quartered at home for the sacrifice

they know their lords would as usual escape.

They want to make the choice, not rigged into dying,

to fight and come out alive bruised all over

rather than cooped where hunger would pick their flesh

and leave skeletons in their unlit and hot homes.

They want to be outside on their feet fighting back

than sit at home waiting to be mauled by their principal foe;

they would rather fight the adversity of their choice.

Why should the lords choose for others, harried from all sides, their preferred way of dying? 

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