VIDEO REVIEW: Faze makes a comeback with new track titled, ‘Lovina’.

If you are a little short of twenty, you might probably not be familiar with the music artiste called Faze.

He was once a big deal, clogging the airwaves with a selection of hit tracks that made him one of the most sought after artiste in the game, long before the new crop of artistes took over.

And changed everything.

But Faze is back.

He kicks off the year with a new single produced by AceSoundz titled, ‘Lovina’ and a video.

Unlimited LA makes a statement with this video.
A subtle statement with his signature crisp cinematography and clever storyline.

His representation of the song ‘Lovina’ though cliche, creates a feel-good vibration that is Faze appropriate.

Faze looks good in this video and plays it really cool. A vibe that is second nature to him and that he carries easily.

His insistence to get a girls attention and affection, sees him go through several rejections until he hits paydirt.

No points for storytelling.

We hope this track gives Faze the needed boost he needs to get his music career out of obscurity and back on track.

Fingers crossed.

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