Ukairo’s latest release explores complex relationship with “Uncle Sam”

Ukairo, the Aba-born musical artiste, has unveiled his latest musical offerings, “Uncle Sam” and its gripping remix, “Uncle Sam (Transatlantic),” featuring the talented Texas-based rapper, singer and songwriter Ryan The Son. These songs delve into the intricate relationships they share with the United States, each offering a unique perspective – one from the viewpoint of an international student who has departed the US, and the other from that of an African-American artiste contemplating a similar journey. The term Uncle Sam, well-known as a symbol of the United States, is here personified to narrate their stories.

As Ukairo wraps up his much-anticipated EP, “The Road To Damascus,” he believed that his next release should seamlessly continue the EP’s central theme of “slowing down.” His decision to leave the United States and return home was a profoundly personal revelation of this theme.

In a candid moment, Ukairo reveals, “Coming home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Given how bad my mental health was and my overall sense of being, I don’t think a psych ward was too far away in my future had I not come home to my family.” 

The chorus in “Uncle Sam” aptly mirrors Ukairo’s emotional state during this tumultuous period – a feeling of being taken advantage of, deflated, and discouraged.

The remix with Ryan The Son was a natural collaboration, driven by their shared experiences in the Spring of 2022. Ukairo and Ryan’s paths first crossed during a Texas college talent show, and their musical synergy has been destined ever since. This collaboration unites two artists passionate about their craft, bringing a fresh and captivating perspective to their exploration of the ‘Uncle Sam’ persona.

As these tracks continue to resonate with audiences, Ukairo’s EP “The Road To Damascus” promises to be a journey filled with introspection and emotional depth. Fans can listen to “Uncle Sam” and its compelling remix, “Uncle Sam (Transatlantic),” on all major streaming platforms. Ukairo’s artistic journey and updates can be followed on his Instagram page and official website.

Listen to “Uncle Sam” and “Uncle Sam (Transatlantic)” here

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