“Truth Is a Flightless Bird” takes readers on a thrilling journey through Nairobi’s underbelly

Intrigue and suspense await in Akbar Hussain’s debut novel, Truth Is a Flightless Bird, as readers are taken on a gripping ride through the streets of Nairobi. 

Hussain’s masterful storytelling skills are set to captivate audiences, leaving them questioning their beliefs and exploring the depths of morality and faith.

The story revolves around Nice, also known as Theresa, a woman on the run from her past, including a dangerous UN job in Mogadishu. Her escape brings her to Nairobi, where she reconnects with Duncan, an American pastor and an old friend. Unbeknownst to Duncan, Nice’s innocent facade hides a tangled web of secrets. She believes her appearance shields her from suspicion as she becomes entangled in the dangerous world of drug smuggling, thanks to her Somali boyfriend’s connections to the Kenya Police Service.

As fate takes a sharp turn, a car crash leaves Duncan captive in the clutches of a sociopathic policeman named Hinga and the morally ambiguous Ciru. As Duncan grapples with the moral complexities of Nairobi’s underbelly, he must navigate a treacherous landscape to rescue Nice, all without losing his faith or sense of self.

Hussain’s deep connection to Nairobi, having lived there for seven years, enriches the narrative’s authenticity and adds depth to the portrayal of the city’s vibrant and complex atmosphere. The novel is a testament to the allure of Nairobi, often referred to as the “green city in the sun,” and serves as a love letter to its multifaceted nature.

Akbar Hussain’s transition from a lawyer to a successful fintech startup co-founder showcases his versatility and creativity. His work has been featured in respected publications such as Type/Cast Literary Journal and the Johannesburg Review of Books, making Truth Is a Flightless Bird a highly anticipated addition to the literary world.

Truth Is a Flightless Bird is one of the books in the August picks published by Narrative Landscape Press, an independent publishing firm specialising in various genres and promises to be a compelling addition to their roster, providing readers with a thought-provoking and enthralling narrative set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s captivating landscape. 


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