Frank Ocean surpasses 14b streams on Spotify

Frank Ocean, the enigmatic singer, has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 14 billion streams on Spotify, marking him as the most-streamed independent artiste to date. 

Despite a seven-year hiatus from album releases, fans on social media are buzzing with excitement, speculating that Ocean might make a comeback in the coming year.

Recent glimpses into Ocean’s activities fuel these speculations. He was spotted in the studio, sharing snippets of his upcoming work, showcasing his creative process. The anticipation for new material is heightened as fans reminisce about his previous album release pattern, aligning with leap years.

In a recent studio clip, Ocean showcased his musical prowess, harmonising over warm production. Additionally, the artiste made his acclaimed album Blonde available on vinyl for dedicated fans, providing a tangible connection to his timeless music.

Despite the absence of a full album since 2020, Frank Ocean continues to engage with his audience, sharing unreleased tracks and snippets, keeping the flame of anticipation alive.

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