Tom Cruise as Tony Stark stuns in mind-blowing trailer

Marvel fans have been ecstatic about the prospect of Tom Cruise portraying a different version of Iron Man in the MCU. 

According to a report, an incredible YouTube video demonstrates why.

A lot of fans haven’t been able to get enough of the idea of the Top Gun: Maverick star playing an alternate version of Tony Stark.


Now, YouTube user Stryder HD, who knows a thing or two about creating epic fan videos that utilise Deepfake technology to capture an actor’s likeness and place it over another’s, has given us an idea of what that could look like.

In the stunning fan trailer video, Tom Cruise becomes Iron Man in all his glory. 

This technique has been applied to a number of the YouTube creator’s amazing videos. And this jaw-dropping video is just another example of that.

Using footage from Iron Man, the video acts as a concept teaser for a fictional Iron Man 4 and it places Tom Cruise’s face over Robert Downey Jr., imagining what the Hollywood star could look like if he were to play a variant of Tony Stark in an MCU movie.

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