Toby Grey and Michaelz team up for catchy new single, ‘Send Funds’

Toby Grey, a renowned R&B singer known for her unique blend of genres, has teamed up with Michaelz, a clever wordsmith and rapper, blending drill production with soulful vocals and clever storytelling on the single, “Send Funds”.

The track, according to a statement, addresses the universal struggle for financial independence with humour and relatability, inviting listeners to groove, laugh and reflect. With Toby’s magnetic stage presence and Michaelz’s lyrical prowess, “Send Funds” is set to make waves in the R&B and hip-hop scene.

With her soulful vocals and magnetic stage presence, Toby Grey has carved a niche in the music industry. Her previous singles include “Peace Of Mind” and “Honey & Spice.”

Michaelz, a rising star in the rap scene, brings his lyrical prowess and authentic storytelling to the table. His track “Will Be” has garnered fans and critics’ attention.

Toby Grey and Michaelz

Toby Grey opens with a bold statement: “This is not a demand; it’s an instruction.” urging listeners to take action, encouraging them to send funds when necessary. Michaelz’s verse adds depth, weaving relatable anecdotes about seeking financial support from friends.

“Send Funds” invites listeners to groove, laugh, and reflect—a testament to the power of music. 

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