Kemuel continues musical journey with ‘CLOUDS’ EP

Kemuel is back with a bang, captivating audiences with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, CLOUDS. Embarking on a musical journey that transcends genres, the Nigerian artiste’s latest masterpiece promises an emotional rollercoaster through love, heartbreak and self-discovery, according to a statement.

With seven mesmerising tracks, each meticulously crafted to evoke a range of emotions, CLOUDS showcases Kemuel’s evolution as an artiste and storyteller.


From the soulful melodies of “Alone” to the infectious rhythms of “POLO” and the introspective calm of “GLNT,” every song is a testament to Kemuel’s artistic vision and passion for storytelling.

Inspired by his childhood fascination with animated characters and his journey from Port Harcourt to Lagos, CLOUDS is more than just music—it’s a window into Kemuel’s soul. Drawing on personal experiences and universal themes, Kemuel invites listeners to find solace and companionship in his music, offering a track for every mood and moment.

Kemuel’s voyage into music began in his local church choir at the age of 13, a foundational period where he honed his multifaceted musical talents on the piano, bass guitar and drums. His passion for music is paralleled only by his love for the visual arts, a journey that led him to acquire a degree in Fine Art and Design from the University of Port Harcourt. His debut EP Escape marked the emergence of a distinctive voice that resonates on a global scale, a resonance amplified by his collaborations with industry titans like Olamide and DJ Spinall. With his second EP CLOUDS looming on the horizon, Kemuel has already achieved a remarkable digital footprint with over 10 million plays online, alongside accolades from global tastemakers like MTV Base, BBC 1Xtra, Clash Magazine, Notion, and Earmilk.

Kemuel’s star continues to rise, cementing his position as one of Africa’s most exciting musical talents. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical journey—immerse yourself in the magic of CLOUDS and let Kemuel’s captivating melodies carry you away.

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