Things to do while Social Distancing #Day1 ; Read the Erotica Series ‘Love in the time of Corona’ by

Read the Erotica Series ‘Love in the time of Corona’ by

You need to hear this one standing up.

Its Erotica at its best.

And it’s served hot and spicy by

It’s also guaranteed to keep you warm during this quarantine period.

Two neighbours stuck at home discover “Love in the Time of Corona.” One story a day. (Erotica/PG 18)

Here’s a short excerpt from Day 2:

Just then my phone rang.

It was my sister on another whatsapp video call.
She wanted to know where I was and when I said a friend’s house she said “You should be social distancing you know, not going about eating free food.”
Once she hung up, Taiye tore into me.
“I agree, you should be social distancing. I don’t even know what i am doing with IJGB”
“What’s IJGB?” I asked and she laughed.
“That’s millennial speak for I Just Got Back.”
“Gerrout joor,” I said then looking into her eyes I added. “The only social distancing I need are those long legs of yours parting.”
“What?” Taiye cried and flung a throw pillow at me again. “You eat my free food, drink my free wine and you want free pu$$y too.”
“Yup,” I said reaching over and throwing the pillow back at her…
Ghen Ghen.

Head over to and get the full story.

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