Quramo Writers Prize Opens for Submission.

We intercepted a tweet from Quramo publishing.

And because you are a writer or an abridged version of what a writer should be, we think it is pertinent that you receive this news.

Quramo Writers Prize is open.

Pandemic or not.

Here’s what the intercepted message contains:

Message begins.

“If you’re a writer, or if you’ve always wanted to write something, one of the things you can do during this compulsory “stay at home” period…”

“…(apart from adhering to the health/safety instructions of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization), is WRITE. You have nothing but time now, so take out your laptop and “just do it…”

“…Then, maybe when you’re done (if it’s a fiction story you wrote) it could be worth taking a chance with by submitting it for our #QWP2020. Who knows? You just might win the cash prize and publishing contract…!”

“…AND because of the pandemic outbreak #COVID19, we’ve decided to extend our deadline to an unprecedented 4 months from now!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity. “

Message ends.

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