The Morbid Reality of This Year’s Workers day Celebration.

May 1st 2020, marks yet another anniversary of the International Workers’ Day. A day institutionalised and dedicated to celebrating workers round the globe, whose dedication and enterprise produces national wealth.

This year’s instalment comes amidst the morbid reality that covid-19 has unveiled with the staggering death toll worldwide totalling well over 200,000.

As we ‘celebrate’ today’s workers day in lockdown, now more than ever we should celebrate the enterprise and resourcefulness of men and women everywhere that has built institutions, created jobs and established wealthy franchises.

Because with only a few days of keeping workers at home, the economy of nations have been grounded to a halt.
A couple more days of ensuring safety measures are in place, by keeping the working force isolated, might just tilt the scales in our collective favour.

Happy Workers Day.

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