NvivoPLAY Unity 3D Training

nvivoPLAY is organizing a 3 year internship consisting of 6 months Unity 3D games development and animation creation course and 30 months internship is the digital art industry for 100 Nigerian citizens.

nvivoPLAY is on a mission to increase the number of stakeholders in the gaming, animation and digital arts industry. whilst creating an opportunity for Nigerian Digital Arts Stakeholders to grab a share of over $120 000 000 that will be generated from the Nigerian Digital Entertainment industry in 2020.

Candidates taking part will be educated on all aspect of the Unity Technologies’ software, improving their digital arts skills and making them more employable.

To further harness the potential of Nigerian creatives, nvivoPLAY will be launching an Innovation Factory where creatives will be able to co-create, and monetize digital content created.

nvivoPLAY will be providing all candidates with loans which are aimed at covering certain expenses required for completion of the Unity course. Such as Hardware, Software, Offline/Online training, 1 on 1 with professional tutors, Online Marketing Training, SME Business Management courses and 24 hr lab for content creation.

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