Khabonina says she’s having an amazing acting & motherhood journey

Actress, dancer and choreographer Khabonina Qubeka has had a great 2021 whether she is jumping from one production to the next, or thriving as an entrepreneur, Times Live reports that she is undeniably at the top of her game.

“There’re a lot of different things that I’m doing and that’s what makes me the complete human being that I am. Next year is starting on a good note because we have some incredible content planned. I can’t wait for people to see this incredible movie we shot that’s going to be on Netflix soon, plus a feature I did on BET’s Black Tax,” she told TshisaLIVE.

According to the report, Khabonina says working throughout her pregnancy showed her that she would be able to juggle the demands of being in showbiz and motherhood.

“I worked for a long time while I was pregnant. Whenever I was on the set of BET’s Fix My Love it was almost like she would tuck herself in, so people didn’t pick it up. When I was seven months, that’s the only time I took a break after but even with the break I was still running my business … When I had to do Generations, I took my child with me. I got her a school nearby, so it always worked out.”

The actress admits that she never expected to fall pregnant and becoming a mother is a miracle she never knew she needed.

“I fell pregnant at 37, so already by 35, I diagnosed myself saying that maybe I’m not the type to fall pregnant and in society when you don’t have a child by 35, you’re a write off so I wasn’t expecting that it would happen.

“She’s three now and it’s been an amazing journey and I’m enjoying it. I’m very hands-on with her because I want to be there for all of her milestones. She’s very independent and I like to experience that. I gave birth to myself. I like the fact that she’s very active. Wakes up, runs around, eats well, and is just a happy human being.”

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