The Best Books for Budding Black Feminists, According to Experts

There is no single definition of Black feminism. Many of the experts we spoke to while compiling this list of books spoke about the subject from their own particular lens. Chelsea Frazier, a Black feminist ecocritic, for instance, talked about the importance of using Black feminist texts as a way to find solutions to the current environmental crisis. “Black feminist ecological ethics offer an alternative understanding of environmentalism,” she said.

Treva Ellison, assistant professor of Gender and Women’s studies at Pomona College, on the other hand, focuses on Blackness and how it relates to gender and sexuality. While both are navigating similar spaces (and agree that Parable of the Sower is a necessary read), their specialties often pull them in completely different directions, leading to diverse ideas of what the Black feminist canon includes. Which is to say, there could be dozens — hundreds! thousands! — of “Black feminism” book lists. For this one, though, we tried to keep it simple and stick to the best books for the burgeoning Black feminist.

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Source: NewyorkTimes

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