“Succession” star Brian Cox on memoir, Logan Roy’s planned exit, turning down “Game of Thrones”

It was so Logan Roy.

In October, as Scottish, Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox’s memoir was released in the UK, portions were revealed to be worthy of the “Succession” star’s bombastic media titan and biting Roy family patriarch.

Johnny Depp was labelled “overrated,” action star Steven Seagal called “ludicrous in real life,” and Edward Norton “a nice lad but a bit of a pain in the arse because he fancies himself a writer-director.”

As Cox’s memoir “Putting the Rabbit in the Hat ” (Grand Central, 352 pp., out Tuesday) hits U.S. shelves, Cox has diplomatically written an addendum that will be added to the still-unscheduled paperback edition.

“There were certain things I wanted to clarify as I was accused of being disrespectful,” says Cox. “It should be an ongoing conversation. Maybe I will write part two of this book where I examine more in my life.”

Until then, “Rabbit in the Hat,” written while Cox was filming the third “Succession” season, will have to suffice. The conversational, unfiltered tome covers Cox’s rise from poverty to Royal Shakespeare Company stage actor sharing the stage with Laurence Olivier to John Gielgud with screen appearances ranging from “Braveheart” to “X2: X-Men United.”

Cox discussed some memorable memoir moments:

Cox says that in initial talks with “Succession” producers, including creator Jesse Armstrong, Logan Roy was supposed to “a one-season part.”

That was the plan,” says Cox. “But when I brought that up later, that idea was quickly crushed. It was clearly going to be more tuyhan one season.” Source: USA Today

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