South African Author Writes New Book To Teach Children About The Lockdown & COVID-19

The book, written by respected South African author, poet and academic Athol Williams, is titled Oaky and the Virus.

Respected South African author, poet and academic Athol Williams has worked with Read to Rise – a literacy NGO that promotes youth literacy in under-resourced communities in South Africa and has written a book titled _Oaky and the Virus _that better explains COVID-19 to children.

Williams says primary school children are already familiar with Oaky, as the character forms part of a series of books that have already been published.

I have already written six books, a lot of children in primary school already know the character. We thought: Why not make it into a story? So it’s not a lecture, it’s a story, there is a beautiful little song in there about how you should wash your hands.

Professor Athol Williams, Author
We try to in a way not to make it out to be this scary thing and so we said you have to stay at home, and Oaky would love to go out and play with his friends but there are wonderful things you can do at home.

Professor Athol Williams, Author
At the back of the book we have got a whole set of questions that help with literary comprehension but also we’re hoping to give parents a chance to have a discussion with their children about the virus.

You can download the book, which is in the process of being translated into various South African languages, on


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