“Squid Game” emerges Netflix’s most popular series with 111m viewers in first month

Squid Game has become Netflix’s biggest series launch, with 111 million  viewers in the first 28 days, according to the streaming giant.

The dystopian show has now overtaken the raunchy period drama Bridgerton, which was watched by 82 million, according to Sky News households in its first month.

The series, the outlet reports, is set in South Korea and sees people who are heavily in debt invited to play a series of challenges which could see them scoop 45.6 billion won (around £28 million).

Contestants have to beat 455 other people to win the money while playing children’s games such as Red Light, Green Light – but the catch is if you lose, you die.

The cast of Squid Game includes some of South Korea’s biggest stars, including Lee Jung-jae as the protagonist, Seong Gi-hun, a hopelessly indebted father who receives a business card from a stranger offering him a way out.

The show has been applauded by some critics for addressing a problem that is particularly entrenched in South Korea: debt and the struggle to pay it off.

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