Soulja unveils his heartfelt journey through new album “Dejavu”

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the Sudanese rap sensation, Soulja, opened up about his highly anticipated album “Dejavu.” Over the past two years, Soulja has dedicated himself to crafting this project, which he describes as a window into his life’s journey and experiences. Renowned for using his music as a means of self-expression, Soulja explains that “Dejavu” showcases a different facet of his artistry and personal growth.

Born Usama ‘Soulja’ Ashraf, he’s seamlessly translated his passion for music into a thriving career, becoming a household name in the process, so much so that he was announced as the main headliner for ‘Beat the Heat’ – a series of indoor concerts in collaboration with Dubai Summer Surprises.

Soulja’s creative process is deeply intertwined with his emotions and mental state. He reveals that his music acts as an emotional outlet, allowing him to channel his feelings and life experiences into his lyrical and sonic compositions. Drawing inspiration from both his own life and the world around him, Soulja’s songs become a reflection of his thoughts, struggles, and triumphs.

When discussing the current state of the music scene in the Middle East, Soulja expresses optimism about its growth and potential. He emphasises the importance of persistence and patience in cultivating the region’s musical landscape. The rapper also highlights his belief in collaboration as a means of professional and personal growth, showing a willingness to collaborate with fellow artists from different backgrounds and genres.

One of the pivotal achievements of Soulja’s career has been the opportunity to connect with his audience through his music and energetic live performances. He sees this connection as the driving force behind his journey and looks forward to expanding his reach to international stages in the coming years.

Soulja’s Sudanese heritage and culture play an integral role in shaping his musical identity. He acknowledges that his community, family, and friends have been his initial audience and a continuous source of inspiration. This deep connection to his roots resonates within his music, enriching his storytelling and giving his work a unique flavour.

As for what’s next, Soulja hints at an exciting year ahead. With a promising lineup of plans and projects in the pipeline, fans can expect more from the talented artist as he continues to push the boundaries of his creativity.

With “Dejavu” on the horizon and Soulja’s unwavering dedication to his craft, it’s clear that his music will continue to captivate audiences and contribute to the vibrant Middle Eastern music scene for years to come.


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