Soulja Boy faces legal battle amid paternity accusations

Lindsay Reid has accused rapper Soulja Boy of neglecting his parental responsibilities towards their alleged daughter, sparking a legal battle between the two, per

Reid took to TikTok to air her grievances, claiming that Soulja Boy is the father of her child but has not provided any financial or emotional support since she informed him of her pregnancy in January of last year.

According to Reid, Soulja Boy even went as far as threatening to release explicit content of her online and demanded that she unblock him. 

In response, Soulja Boy fired back with legal documents indicating that their child support case was closed and vehemently denied paternity, stating that the child is not his.

Soulja Boy

The situation escalated as Soulja Boy announced his intentions to take legal action against Reid and media outlets that covered the story, citing defamation of character. In a video addressing the accusations, Soulja Boy expressed frustration at being publicly dragged into the controversy and vowed to pursue legal recourse. This clash underscores the complexities and challenges of navigating parental responsibilities and legal disputes in the digital age.

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