Diddy and Kanye West spotted together at Rolling Loud Show

Diddy and Kanye West were seen together at Kanye’s Rolling Loud set in Los Angeles, sparking rumours of a potential reconciliation between the two music moguls, per tmz.com. Diddy, accompanied by his twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila Combs, made a rare public appearance as he joined Kanye’s performance.

The atmosphere was tense as Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign opted to play recordings of their songs instead of performing live, which left many fans disappointed. Despite the controversy surrounding the show, Diddy seemed to enjoy the evening, being spotted with his son Justin backstage while watching the performance.

The history between Diddy and Kanye dates back to their public feud in 2022 when Diddy criticised Kanye’s White Lives Matter t-shirts as “tone deaf.” This led to a heated exchange of private messages between the two, with Kanye accusing Diddy of being sent by Jewish people to threaten him.

Now, with Diddy’s presence at Kanye’s show, speculations are rife about whether the duo is burying the hatchet or simply coming together for a family outing. Only time will tell if this marks the beginning of a renewed friendship or remains a one-time appearance.

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