SONIA SINGH’S Upcoming Single “NILIKUPENDA” Is An Emotionally-Tainted Missive

Sonia Singh’s latest single “Nilikupenda” is an emotional message to a loved one lost, a goodbye letter that sparks memories of who we are and where we come from. Nilikupenda has a bluesy vibe yet can be placed within an Afropop context. It is a timeless piece which gives Sonia’s voice a strong fundament to perform an emotionally driven song filled with metaphors and life’s poetry.
The song was produced by TY´Mix from Lagos Nigeria and the video was shot on location in Kenya by Lance Productions.

Sonia’s music is best described as a mixture of r&b, pop and afrobeats and with her single sang in Swahili, she targets the east african market and beyond.

The single/video will officially be released on 19/06/2020 worldwide by Ajazco Records (digital only).


Born to a Rwandese mother and an Indian father in Kenya, Sonia Singh started dancing at the tender age of 7 and later on developed a passion for singing, her major influences being artists such as Miriam Makeba, Otis Redding, Prince, Mariah Carey, Bob Marley, Lata Mangeshkar, Brandy and Aaliyah. She refined her music abilities in a burgeoning music scene in Mombasa/Kenya and in 1996 moved to Germany where she started pursuing her singing career on a more professional level.

In 2001,she collaborated with various artists forming a charity project (brother’s and sister’s keepers) against racism and discrimination in Germany recording and releasing the song “Liebe und Verstand” which reached the top 40 of the German single charts. In 2003 she became the lead singer for the band “Frank Pop” and shortly after, covered the song ‘Verdammt lang her’ from the legendary German/Kölsch band “Bap” for the ‘Arsch Huh’ C.D compilation. In 2006 she went on tour with Jan Delay and worked extensively with him on his album “Merzedes Dance”. Sonia has since been active in the live music circuit working with popular bands in and out of Germany as well as expanding her portfolio and brand as a solo artist and performer. She recently introduced her music to the east African market whilst on a media tour through Rwanda and Kenya. She was invited by major TV stations and Online blogs, which has given her brand more visibility and leverage . Her new release which is sang in Swahili is targeted at the east African market and will be released on the 19.06.2020.

Image credit: Sonia Singh- Instagram

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