Simon & Schuster Signs debut novel by Nigerian writer Damilare Kuku

Simon & Schuster has recently secured a two-book deal with Nigerian writer Damilare Kuku, with her debut novel, Only Big Bumbum Matters Tomorrow at the centre of the literary world’s attention. 

According to The Bookseller, the book, described as both “hilarious and insightful,” offers a fresh and humorous perspective on Nigerian society and gender politics.

The novel weaves the story of Temi, a woman who makes a dramatic life-altering announcement at her family’s patriarch’s funeral. She declares her intention to undergo a Brazilian butt lift and relocate to Lagos in pursuit of love and fortune. Kuku’s work is set to be published simultaneously in the UK and the US in July 2024, promising a global readership an engaging narrative that transcends geographical boundaries.

Mina Assam, the assistant editor of adult fiction, played a pivotal role in securing UK and Commonwealth rights for the novel. The deal was brokered with Charlotte Seymour at Johnson & Alcock. On the other side of the Atlantic, North American rights were exclusively acquired by Gretchen Schmid at HarperVia. This cross-continental enthusiasm for the book underscores the universal appeal of Kuku’s storytelling.

Kuku’s debut novel has already generated significant excitement among readers and critics. Mina Assam shared her thoughts, saying, “I was very happy to come across Damilare’s unique debut, having already seen the excitement her collection generated. I love reading about Nigeria with Damilare’s strong voice as a great guide through the narrative. And this first novel is hilarious. It takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the patriarchal pressures that women face with such precise prose. It may be set in Nigeria, but you’ll all see a bit of yourselves, your families, and the wider world in it.”

Only Big Bumbum Matters Tomorrow is poised to be one of the most anticipated literary releases of 2024, offering a vibrant and thought-provoking exploration of contemporary Nigerian society and the universal challenges faced by women in a patriarchal world.

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