Sean Paul’s Dancehall magic strikes again with “Summa Hot” and “Ova Tek”

Jamaican dancehall icon Sean Paul is ready to set dancefloors ablaze worldwide with the release of two new singles: “Summa Hot” and “Ova Tek” by Chi Ching Ching.

These tracks exemplify Sean Paul’s unparalleled talent in creating dancehall records that resonate globally while also highlighting and uplifting fellow artists within the dancehall community.

“Summa Hot”: This scorching summer anthem combines Sean Paul’s signature dancehall sound with vibrant melodies and a captivating chorus, capturing the essence of a sun-soaked season. Produced in collaboration with Suku from Ward 21, the single celebrates and honours women, creating a lively dancehall vibe that is perfect for pool parties, beach gatherings, and dance events.

“Ova Tek” by Chi Ching Ching: Rising dancehall sensation and member of Sean Paul’s collective, Dutty Rock, impresses with his unique style and captivating performances on this track.

The song showcases Chi Ching Ching’s immense talent and promises to resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide.

Sean Paul’s influence on the global music scene is undeniable, transcending borders and captivating audiences from his native Jamaica to places like Nigeria, Ghana and various parts of West Africa. Nigerian and Ghanaian music enthusiasts have been particularly receptive to Sean Paul’s dancehall sound, finding resonance in his rhythms and catchy hooks.

Sean Paul shared his excitement about “Summa Hot,” stating, “Making this song was a great feeling. Me and Suku from Ward 21 had great energy building this riddim and bringing forth a dancehall vibe. The single is bigging the ladies for a Summa Hot Summer.”

The singles are available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen To Summa Hot | Ova Tek

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