Same OG and Licy Be unveil “Focus,” a global anthem of faith

In a thrilling musical union spanning two continents, Africa and Australia, artistes Same OG and Licy Be have dropped a sensational track that’s set to ignite dance floors and uplift spirits around the world. 

Titled “Focus,” this vibrant Afrobeat jam seamlessly blends with Hip-Hop elements, crafting a unique sound that promises to leave listeners spellbound. Despite the challenges faced by independent artistes in today’s music industry, Same OG and Licy Be have harnessed their faith and talents to deliver a song that transcends borders.

“Focus” is not just music; it’s a prayer, a declaration of faith, and a testament to salvation all wrapped into one irresistible package. Luke 9:62 (TLB) serves as the guiding principle for this song, reminding us all to remain steadfast in our faith journey despite life’s distractions.

Same OG, a prominent AfroGospel female artiste hailing from Nigeria, and Licy Be, a leading Christian Hip-Hop artiste based in Australia, joined forces to create this musical masterpiece. Their collaboration has birthed a sound that defies convention, offering listeners a fresh and exciting experience.

This electrifying collaboration serves as a testament to the power of music in bringing people together, transcending boundaries, and delivering messages of faith and focus in a world filled with distractions.

As fans eagerly anticipate more releases from these talented artistes, “Focus” demands our immediate attention. You can find the song at this link:

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